Saturday, January 24, 2009

Any excuse to play together

We celebrated Aspen's birthday by meeting up at Bogus for Friday night skiing, dinner, presents and cupcakes. Aspen was really excited and her cousins & Sister Emma couldn't wait to celebrate!
This is our littlest skier. Zoe just turned two and couldn't wait to go out with her dad. Too bad I didn't have the camera when we were out on the slopes. This will just have to represent our smiles and joy being out in the fresh air. I got to take a run with Gil, Tyler and Carter. I can keep up with the 4 year olds! It was glorious...And half the family went up again the next day for more.
And what lodge experience would be complete with out licking the dregs of chocolate powder out of the can? Christy and Stella finished the last drop of powder by licking their fingers and wiping the can clean. Want some?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another grey day

It's another grey day so here are a couple more favorite snow & sun photos. McKayla loved the sled hill Kurt built- What a great smile!
My favorite guy helping Christy on the sled. Christy & Bree loved these sleds.
And the ice rink OPA built. It was really slick and good for only a day or two, but what a great memory builder. Thanks to Kurt & Carlee for taking photos- I stayed inside.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A visit from the story Queens

My sweet sister Lynnette wanted to come see us, so her good friend Donna made it happen. Lynn won't be happy with this photo, (in her pj's) but it just touches my heart. Donna was telling the kid a story with "King Tyler" and princess "Stella" and "Hallie" and "Emma" and the royal dogs. I couldn't resist the opportunity to show how precious family and friends are. I am so thankful for her visit. I was finishing up my 5th chemo experience and having her visit is just a lift of the heart.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blessing Baby Ellie

On January 3rd we had the wonderful adventure of having Ellie Jane Davis blessed here in our home. Deven's parents were visiting here for just a couple of days and so the blessing was planned while they were here. Jessi and James brought my parents up so we got to take a 4 generation photo. Kim made Ellie's dress. It's heirloom quality and turned out beautifully.

What a great way to start the New Year - A visit from my parents and blessing Baby Ellie

Baby steps

I confess to being impatient and technoligically challenged - I finally got the photo's from the last post to upload and realized that I just need to find a project to do while waiting for our slow slow computer to upload. At least I think the photo's uploaded. So I am thankful for a computer to teach me patience and to help me realize once again that I am still taking baby steps when it comes to learning to work with the computer. This is Christy. She found these tiny ski's and tried to ski on the kitchen floor. They were slipping right out from under her. So taking my inspration from Christy, I'll keep trying!