Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Simpson Reunion Rafting Trip

There was a small turn out on the annual float trip with sick kids and moderate weather but the few that went had a fantastic time. It was a lot of fun to see all four brothers out on the river together again.
Left to Right. Gill, Neil, Michael, Hannnah, and siting is Jessica and unseen is Olivia.

Top to bottom. Gordon, Norm, John, Stacy, John, and hard to see is Shae and Nathan.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Reunion -July 10-11-12

On our way to the reunion, look who stopped in! My gorgeous sister Arlee and Andy - on their move to the Seattle area- and Leisha who is in the area visiting her family - and getting a quick visit with her in-laws - We are so lucky/blessed to be on the way. I love getting visits - short or long.

Then it was up to Siscra for the Simpson brothers/family reunion. I am awful at taking lots of photos- hopefully I'll get some from Neil, any way - here are the few I took.Zoe collecting stuff
All the great grands & grands after the pinata with Oma great
Opa and kids filling water balloons

The face side of that photo. I think the best part of the reunion is (as Jed said) just letting the kids play freely and getting to know their cousins and greater cousins. One minute they would be on their bikes, the next playing ball or giving wagon rides or crafting or roasting marshmellows or just plain getting dirty. It's all fun.

And we treasure the times we have with Oma Great. Thelma is always amazed at how many of her posterity manage to make it up to the reunion.

I love a parade-4th of July

Our neighborhood had a family parade on the 4th of July. We decorated bikes and had a great time. I do love to clap and cheer for the people who make an effort to participate in a parade! (Bree)
Even if it's parents walking with sleeping babies. (Deven Kim and Ellie)
And especially for all of our grandchildren. (Tyler)We didn't wait til dark to do fireworks. They are just as enjoyable in the daylight- and the added advantage was that we could put the little ones to bed at bedtime.
Tyler Carter Bree and Christy waiting for their turn to pick out fireworks.
Deven and Carlee holding the little ones who did not like the loud bangs.

Hurray for birthday's

Jake turned one on July 1st- Good excuse for a water party and ice cream & brownies! (Shaped like little tanks or cars- oreo wheels and m&m head lights.
Water-balloon catch. (Using the launcher of course)
Slip and slide - Carter catching air.