Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Back-packing Trip

There are over 400 photo's to choose from, so these are just a smattering of the almost hundred of my very favorites. Credits to Neil, Kurt, Kristen and Kim for the photos. These are not in sequence- just random good time photo's

It worked out this year that Jed's family, Kurt's family (minus Jake who stayed with me) Kim- McKayla and Carter (Deven had Bree and Ellie) Kristen, Emma&Aspen - Uncle Neil and Gil all managed to spend one or two nights together under the stars. That's 11 kids and 8 adults and one dog.
Campfire fun. Nacho had a good time too.
Opa, Carter and McKayla getting oriented with Map and Compass
This was Aspen's (4) first pack trip too.
I love the above photo of Zoe (3 1/2) and Christy (3), our littlest ones holding hands as they walked up the trail. And they carried their packs the WHOLE way.
Hannah and McKayla taking a tent break.
Emma and Hallie loving life.
Zoe and kids playing on rocks
Uncle Neil, Aspen, Tyler, Carter, Christy & McKayla sitting on a log
Tucker helping Carter with the fishing pole.
Playing roll the log- a favorite activity. They went to Josephine Lake. The hike in was about 3/4 of a mile.
Christy getting treats specially toasted by her dad. (Have you tried melted Starbursts?)
Aspen and Hallie playing peek-a-boo
Christy, Aspen, Tyler and Carter ready to start back up the trail.
Uncle Neil with the bathing beauties

Opa Emma and McKayla
The weather was wonderful. The wind blew, but it was a great August adventure. Jessi and James were really missed. Next year - maybe all of us can go.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Jungle Monkeys

I went outside and heard some strange noises. No one was playing with the toys. No one was on the grass or the drive way. What made those noises? I heard:
"We're UP here" "We're jungle boys"
Pretty cute monkeys - I think we'll keep them. They said that they come in for zucchini bread.

PS -Kurt fell out of a tree and broke his femur when he was just about the same size as these two. We are very thankful that Kurt grew up and didn't have any complications from breaking his leg at age 5. I guess boys have the need to climb trees.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

First fruits- well, almost

It is exciting to check out the "garden" and find treasures. Above is red cabbage. The head is formed and soon to be picked. Isn't that a pretty plant? I am thankful to be able to eat fresh vegetables and fruit. Yummm.
Look at this Tomatoes (finally) the yellow is actually a zuchini- I've never seen a yellow zucchini before. We thought we only had one zucchini plant- looks like we have 3. We do have 1 crook neck squash too. The cucumbers are blooming, but so far they are over shadowed by the zucchini plants.
This is actually my 2nd picking of green beans. Not bad for a 5 foot row. Green bean/sausage/potatoe soup for dinner tonight. Yum.
Look at my onions (and volunteer tomato and weeks) and below- the uninvited guests to the bean patch. The kids love to play with slugs. Ellie even holds them. These mama's and papa's got salted before they could escape to do what ever slugs do.
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Tucker's thirTEEN!

This cute young man has a birthday worth celebrating. Just because he is Tucker.

Pretty cute. And really nice did I mention kind? Ah yes, a good sport- adorable big brother - fantastic cousin. Helpful- Obedient- Trustworthy- Brave- Intelligent [IE: Smart too] Loyal -Courteous-Tenderhearted - A big tease - Honest - A leader - A good Example- Thoughtful - Fun loving - talented - Respectful - Independent thinking - Strong - Gentle, especially with little ones - A good reader ah a good student - willing to try new things - A quick learner - and a whole bunch more, but I don't want to spoil him.
Handsome- look at those eyelashes!
Thanks for being you.

Happy Birthday Tucker- you are a joy in our lives.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Double the Birthday fun!

Due to a computer glitch- this post is incredibly belated. Having these two has been an incredible adventure. I have lots of individual photo's but I managed to find some of the two together. Say oooohhhh. They are so cute. 1 week old. Would you believe 30 years ago?

9 years old-see how Kim's head is tilted? It's a trick to make Kurt look taller.

Seniors in High School- Yup, Kurt is the tallest now.

Kim's family (2009) Kurt's family (2008) Yes, it is time for new family photo's -{hint hint}

We are very grateful to have these two in our family. Thanks for being good sports and sharing so much. We love you - Happy Birthday.