Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friday Birthday for Hallie

Eyes of Blue - Hallie we LOVE you!
(April 2010 Brundage)
2010- April Easter Egg Hunt

July 2008 Simpson Family Reunion


2004 November
April 2010-Cascade Idaho
Hallie likes pink best and then blue
She has a zest for life that we love too.

Happy Birthday to Bree

Or as Bree would say it: Happpe Birpbay- or some such variation that only she can say and be so cute. Bree will climb up into my lap and no matter what we are doing, she wants to be involved and in the middle of it. She sings most of the day long- words and melody of her own. When she is happy or excited- she squeels with joy.
Today she is 3. I don't have a photo today, because the Davis' are out of town- I'm sure we will take lots of photo's at the cousin birthday party. These are just a couple that make me smile. Her favorite game right now is Strawberry Shortcake. Guess who is always strawberry shortcake? One thing I think adorable about Bree is that when she says her "thankfuls" Bree is always thankful for her Blanket. Both blankets.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From the time before she was born- when we brought her home from the hospital- as she grew and developed her talents and personality- as an awesome teen- a beautiful bride and as an awesome wife and mother-
'til today and tomorrow and years from now, we will always be really grateful for Kristen.

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Christy

April has several birthdays for us- And this little Christy just turned 3! She is a doll. We gave her some fancy nancy dress up shoes and this little skirt. Kim found the skirt on line (for $$$) so we made our version- for less than $5.00 (for me, using fabric I already had. I did have to buy the Tulle). Kim's variation for Bree is just as adorable in hot pink.
Carlee tells a funny story about those "Fancy" shoes. One night Christy woke up at 12:30 am - upset because she left her shoes outside. They had to go get them. A while later she was awake -again- and upset because they were dirty- so the shoes were cleaned off. And then - again- a couple of hours later- Christy was frantic because they wouldn't stay on her feet while she slept. Who knew that shoes would be such a big deal. The next night the shoes were carefully placed in the closet where they stayed the whole night long.

Happy Birthday Christy

Opa's shadow's

They say "OPA- OPA- OPA" and come running when they hear his voice.

Ellie and Jake have a thing for Opa. They adore him. Yesterday they pushed a chair up to the counter so they could talk to his photo. I thought they were cute. Then when he came home and was working out side - there were his shadows- getting in his way. (until I show up with the camera, and then they have to ham it up)So tonight at dinner, Ellie was in the booster chair by me and during the prayer noticed that Opa was at the table. She climbed into my lap, got down on my left side- walked around the chair and on my right side climbed up onto his knee. He got a lap full of chicken Parmesan spaghetti noodles, and a happy little granddaughter.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well, almost

After Oma great saw this photo- she counted and said: "I thought there were 14" Sure enough 2 little girls are missing. They must have missed the call to come for a photo. We [adults] were more concerned about keeping the little ones in the picture. Ahhhh now we have a challenge to take a photo will all 14!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is it Easter Yet?

Warning: This is a long post, requested by Jessi - who missed out on a really really fun day. Also, Neil & Kurt have many more photo's, these were the few I managed to take.We try to plan family ski day's during the season, but this year - the end of the season kind of crept up on us - so we had to plan a marathon day. Since Sunday is Easter, we also tried to fit in our family egg hunt, with the original plan being to do the hunt up on the mountain. Uncle Neil and Oma great came down on Thursday night to share adventure. Neil always brings fun things for the kids to do, so here he is with Carter, Bree, McKayla and Hannah. They are painting snakes.

Friday we got up and going- with few glitches- Part of Jed's family couldn't make it. Unavoidable conflicts. Maria offered to watch Ellie during the day so she didn't have to be stuck in the lodge all day. Thanks Maria! We loved having Tucker, Hannah and Stella with us. We missed Hallie and Zoe. When we got there, the upper lodge was locked, but we talked them into opening it- much easier for us to spread out! Then we got ready to seriously play. This is Aspen geared up.Christy and Bree got their first ski experience today. They are turning 3. In fact we celebrated Christy's birthday all day.
Of course, we also had long breaks. Here Stella and Tyler are playing a game in the lodge.
Jake couldn't stand to be left inside. He loved getting on his hat & gloves to go out side. The weather got windier and windier and snow started falling pretty seriously. Too bad. Jake was going out. He rode in the back pack on who ever would take him out. LOVED IT!

The title of this post is: Is it Easter yet? Because Carter could hardly wait for the Easter egg hunt. He wanted that more than to ski. He had to wait, so he skiied with OPA. We did get ready for the Easter egg hunt- But as the afternoon progressed, the weather got colder and windier and still snowing. Jed & Maria had planned on driving up for the festivities, but his class went longer than expected. So we decided to change the plans and have the easter egg hunt down in the valley with all of the kids. Besides that, the lodge workers were anxious to clean up the upstairs and lower floor so that they could go home too. The kid's had another treat though. Kurt & Carlee had brought up a rice-crispy treat pony cake for Christy's birthday. They dove into the pink frosted treats and were happy.
While waiting for the last skiiers and the cars to be brought down to the pick up area. Hannah and Emma made snow cones. Fresh snow is abundant in a ski area, especially when it is falling.
Back home, safely, we had the easter egg hunt after all. Sorry Zoe, I missed the red eye- but there were eggs everywhere. And the kids all found a sack full of treats.
Thelma thought it was pretty chaotic and fun. She had spent the day in the quiet of our home. All by her self. Then we came home. I am hoping to add the photo she took of all 14 kids before they left for Cascade. And Last - here are two little videos of Kim and Kurt helping Bree and Christy on the lift and skiing. Jessi & James, we missed you. Happy Easter. LOVE YOU