Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January fun

Tucker, Hannah and Zoe spent the night Sunday (monday Dental appts) so fun, because Monday was a no school day. We let the kids stay up late and sleep in. Sorry no pix of Tucker- should have, he was incredible with Carter and the little kids. Dog pile on Tucker!
And now- drum roll please.... this morning it Snowed! All day (til it turned to rain in the afternoon) YES SNOW. It has been since NOVEMBER 4th. Ski area will open tomorrow. We must have gotten 4 inches of wet snow. Ski area :) much more.
So before school Carter and Bree were out making huge snowballs and snow angels.

And this is my "savor" the moment photo. So very very beautiful. So crisp and the snow was just coming down. Yummy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 7 2012 Adventure

We had an outstanding adventure- we just had to drive up into the mountains to find snow!
And once we did, we had FUN
It was free park and ski day so on Friday night Gil and Jed took the motorhomes and a few kids to spend the night. Kurt, Jake Christy and I drove up on Saturday morning.
The object was to test out the guys pulks before we get to spend the night in a yurt. The pulks (sleds) are used to haul food, bedding and kids. This one has Jake - he just relaxed for the ride.
He got a little snow covered, but he was still smiling. Stella below is on one of the trails. They groom it and put in little tracks (on the right) for the cross country skiers. Snowshoes travel on the left and kids try to stay in the middle :)
The kids sledded and sledded and sledded. Love this photo of Tyler
And we checked out using snowshoes (with Oma's boots) - very fun.

There were lots of other carloads of people checking it out. This little guy alpine skied. He went up the trail herring bone so he could get some turns coming down.
And the smiles are worth all the effort.
Thanks McKayla for the photos. Sorry we didn't take more. Tune in the end of March when we stay overnight in the yurt.