Saturday, August 27, 2011

One minute later

We all take turns holding baby Rachel- she is pretty good natured about it.

Until we put on the viking "boy's" hat. Then she had to express her opinion. Jessi- this photo's for you!
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hot Summer Days

Our neighbors have an above ground pool which they graciously let us use. So when Opa comes home from work, guess where the troops want to go.

Ellie wanted to show that she actually got into the pool, and McK was showing her awesome fish face.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Which color do you want?

August 9, Bree, Oma Great and Ellie
The little girls are on a coloring kick - and they insist who ever is in the room tell them what color to use next. Which color do you want? RED. Which color do you want? YELLOW. Which color do you want? GREEN etc. Thelma was visiting and got the special treatment. She held the colored pencils and handed them to the girls.

a story about Bree. McKayla was baking cookies, and as a novice cook, burnt her finger. Ouch! Cold ice water for her hand. A couple of cookie sheets later I heard "Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot that was hot!" She had burnt a finger on the other hand. Bree said, in a very comforting voice: "It doesn't feel that bad if you darn or something... Darning is good"
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Saturday, August 20, 2011


On August 20, While Jake was plaguing Kurt

We took Rachel on her first stroller ride. Yes, Ellie wanted to be the main pusher, but McKayla was needed to keep the stroller going in generally a forward motion (versus circles).

Only 6 weeks old and really sweet.
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Rainbow Lake - the last

Beautiful isn't it? On Saturday the group packed up camp and split up. Some to hike out and back to civilization and work. Some to hike to the next lake. Hoping that the fish were still biting and the mosquitoes less pesky.
Hallie hiding from mosquitoes with a smile.

Aspen went out with the bigger group
Zoe collected a bouquet of wild flowers
Neil came out too. Meanwhile- Opa, Kurt and kids, Kristen and Emma went on for one more night.

Jake hitched a ride

Mother and daughter

A patch of snow

Emma learned to gut a fish.

Tired Jake
Not- the mosquitoes drove the kids into the tent early so they rolled around and played.

Next morning: Trying on Dad's pack for size

Christy smiles above, needing a lift below.

Are we there yet?

Almost back

We did it!

Come again next year? YES!
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Backpacking part 6

Did I mention that we had lots of photographs to choose from and these are some of my favorites. Ty eating a scone-

McKayla with Nacho

Beautiful miss Hannah

Hiding from mosquitoes

Ellie talking to Opa

Stella with Nacho

Kristen trying to help Jake - He didn't like the mud under his feet

Morning hot chocolate



camp breakfast

Airing out sleeping bags

roasting marshmallows
looking at the stars.
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Rainbow lake part 5- and the fishing was...

WONDERFUL- Carter caught the biggest fish

Emma was a fishing fanatic - lots of photo's of her fishing.

If not fishing, look for frogs and pollywogs.


oops Tyler caught a tree

Uncle Neil was a great help

There's one of Ty's fish

And another one.

Bree and Christy getting their fly's wet and hopefully not their lines tangled.

Just another pretty mountain lake. Did I mention the mosqutoes? The fish thought any fly was a mosquito and since the lake was overcrowded with fish, almost every cast got a nibble.

Opa with more helpers and one of my favorite photos. Emma in silhouette. Beautiful.
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