Sunday, June 28, 2009

Schools out party

Since McKayla is in year round school, her last day was friday. It was a good excuse to have a girls party sleep-over. Tucker (11 and 10/12ths) was relieved to have an evening and day to be an only child and Tyler was going to sleep at Carters- But when it came time for leaving, the boys said "We want to stay too!" So we had a grandchild's sleep-over with all but The oldest and the youngest. Uncle Kurt set up the tent for the girls and I slept out in the back yard too.

On Saturday, we went to a children's free project at Lowe's. The kids all made Pirate ships. Hammered the nails mostly by them selves.
Next we had to paint the boats. Pirate ships are many different colors. If you don't like the first paint, add some more ... and some more... and some more.

Next check to see if the boat floats.
They float better in the ditch. How-ever you have to watch to be sure the pipe monster doesn't suck your boat in to its out of reach depths.

And Thanks to Opa - the boats were rescued for many a leisurely sail in the ditch.

Fathers Day Tribute

Just a late but heartfelt salute to the dad's in our lives. Fathers, Husband and Sons (including SiL's) Who are wonderful dads and husbands and granddad's and of course, the best OPA ever. We are thankful for you.
Carlee found this cupcake treat for dad's in a magazine - so we made them for the dad's and uncles in our lives (sorry James, you're in Utah- for you the photo and a hug) The finished is a candy lawnmower on a bed of coconut grass.
The sling for Aspen is because she broke her collar bone. The sling just reminds her and us that she is healing and somewhat fragile. Even though she jumps and runs and plays hard. Poor child can't swim, ride bikes or rough house. What a life change for a 3 year old. She will let us know if she gets bumped or she is uncomfortable. Other wise - it's life as usual.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Fun

Now that school is out, we've had a lot of fun with the grandkids. It's always more fun when we have cousins to help join in the activities.
The little ones rode around and around the front turn around and then stopped for a photo. They traded bikes and trikes and ride on's and went around and around. The 4 year olds just graduated from training wheels and are very proud of their new riding ability.
We found this pattern for a flirty gathered skirt and have had great fun making co-ordinating skirts for all the girls. Above is Christy, Hallie and McKayla below showing a couple of the skirts we made. It was lots of fun and they look adorable in the skirts.
And even more fun on the swing Gil and Kurt hung. The kids were having so much fun they were draging their feet on the ground when the swing unwound. They twist the swing around and around and then laugh as it twirls them round and around.
I am thankful for the love and laughter grandchildren bring to us. Isn't life wonderful?