Monday, May 9, 2011

mothers day and Hallie's baptism

Jessi and James came for the weekend - and they are Big favorites. I wish I had a photo of James running and running with the kids. That started with Ellie coming up to him and saying "come and get me" who could resist that? After many loops through the house, they took it outside for more running and running.
Side ways photo again. Oops. This is the bean plant that Bree planted in Sunbeams a few weeks ago. To our amazement it bloomed and grew beans. We cooked her bean and she ate it. Yummy
Saturday was Hallie's baptism and confirmation. She is beautiful and very excited to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

BONUS: Jessi and James brought my parents for the weekend too. How nice to celebrate Mother's day with my mom and daughters (including Maria and Carlee) I am wondering why we should even distinguish between daughters and daughters in law. We're all family. We can't imagine life with out any of them. And that goes for the guys too.

Much to the delight of the kindergarden/preschool set - Opa made it snow.

Afterward we went to the Star park. Soccer games were finished for the day so some of the girls played house in the goal net and some of the adults played soccer against the kids.

This was a blast. I was so impressed with how well everyone played together. It was great to see the dads play pass and score, and great fun to see the kids play pass and score. McK made three goals with bare feet. The 6 year olds did take a cupcake break and it was fun. Wish I had more photos. Mom and Dad watching the action from lawn chairs - other moms sitting and visiting on blankets. Opa watching the little ones in the play ground equiptment and Jed and Tucker having a frosting fight with the neon colored cupcake frosting. We stayed a long time and enjoyed the beautiful day.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BMX racing

A BMX dirt track is being developed close to us. They just started racing and this is Aspen and Emma's 3rd week of competing. They do two heats and a final in each age group - by novice, intermediate and expert.

Aspen did her best, but with 4 riders in her group, she came in fourth and didn't make it into the finals. Here she is clowning on her dad's bike. Clay races too for the fun of it. Cousin Krew also placed 3rd -it was his first time racing.

Emma made it to the finals and was going like gang-busters - til she wiped out. She picked up her bike and kept going. She almost caught up to the rider in 2nd and came in 3rd for a medal. She skinned her elbow and kept on going. WE are Proud of Her.
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Toddler school

Yesterday (May 2) Jake and Ellie came to me and told me it was time for school. They set up the chairs and got all ready.

Ellie shared her doll and chap-stick. She even had a backpack to put them in.

Jake didn't have his back pack so he picked up some figures and shared those.

Then we sang the wheels on the bus and counted to ten. They colored and had a treat to finish their toddler-school.
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