Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun loving boys

These are my boys. I love that they like to do fun things together.
Sometimes I think that their definition of "fun" is different than mine.
Sometimes I try not to think about what they do in their "fun" times.
I love it when they share their photos and stories with me.
I am always amazed at the incredible things they do.
Oh yes! I am thankful for my fun loving guys! :)
Place: Pilot peak, ID -Hike and Ski adventure 1/2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Our celebration was low key and very pleasant. This is breakfast on New Years Day. We were so lucky to have the great grand parents here for the night. It is a joy to have my mom and dad here.

Home made party hats make the evening complete. So do the noise makers and blowers. We are resolving to have a happy year this year and hope that for all, no matter what, it is a happy 2010 for you too.

The ice has frozen and melted

The annual ice rink was a 2 - 3 day success! At first only the light weights could stand on the ice. And then, be careful - it is really really slippery.
Then the fun began. Aspen showing that sliding is just as fun as playing hockey.

Emma and Opa
Goalie McKayla
I scored a goal!

"He needs a HUG"

December 29th
Once there was a snowman,
tall . . .
tall . . .
(Take a break, play in the snow, let Opa be the horse pulling the sleigh.)
January 2nd
In the rain/sun it melted,
small ...
Bree: "Snowman broken"
Opa: "It's melting from the rain and the sun."
Bree: "It needs a hug."