Monday, June 27, 2011


On the way back Jessi and I stopped in the Blues for some Oregon Trail historical markers. This was a view point not far off the freeway. We were trying to imagine how tough it was to walk/wagon all the way and what the land would have looked like. The information said that the emigrants got to this area in Aug/Sept/Oct. A little different from the verdant green we see. There are still places where the wagon ruts are visible- but most of the trail has been paved over for roads or dug under for development.

Ezra Meeker was a young married man with a wife and baby when he first traveled the Oregon trail. (1852) Then he spent his "retired" years re-tracing the trail and putting up markers to show where the original paths were. His last trip over the trail was in an airplane. I liked the following quote.

(Ezra Meeker 1921)
To you who read or hear my words, I conjure you to take heed and consider their importance... If we forget the deeds of our forbears, we discard the lessons of history and take a step backward in the march of civilization. In the measure a generation cherishes the past so will it be for the future; for the love of country, for reverance of the flag; for the efforts of upbuilding the nation... recovering the lost trail has a deeper meaning than merely gratifying a whim or satisfying a feeling of curiosity." Ezra Meeker 1915
Then this morning it was time to take Jessi back to the airport so she could go back home. We had a fun visit. Come again Aunt Jessi. We love you!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aunt Jessi's here!

The next morning. Everyone finally woke up. The sun was so bright Hallie and Bree had to hide their faces. Actually they didn't want their morning photo taken.

Hannah didn't want to wake up so Opa dragged her bed out side. He had some help.

Then at a reasonable time - he turned them loose on Aunt Jessi.

This was our lucky day. Oma great came for a visit too. Can you believe how tall Hannah and McKayla are?

Then Jessi and I drove to help celebrate Katie and Chris's wedding. We had so much fun. We got to help with the food. Jan had wonderful yummy stuff all ready, we just got to cut the cheese cake and re-fill the goodies.

Do I look like a deer in the headlights? Jessi and I had a great visit. Thank you Katie for inviting us. Thank you Jan and Mike for providing us a bed and lots and lots of love. Thank you Meg and Mike, Cami and Jamie for a great visit and lots of love.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

School's out party

When every one is out of school - we try to have a school's out party. Not everyone can make it every time. But we do have fun with all that come.

Carter instigated a craft. (He was the only boy, but left for an evening with his dad)

Everyone painted.

and Glittered. Good thing we moved outside. Glitter sparkled the deck.

And made beautiful masks.

Then Emma and Aspen had to go home. They are riding in BMX races and needed a good night's sleep.

We read books

We played games.

And they got to sleep in the tent.

Good night!
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Sunday, June 19, 2011


For 3 days Ellie has walked around with her flowers. At first she gathered a bunch of loose flowers, then she discovered that sweet william has a sturdy stalk with the flowers on top. She says she is a princess. She is. She will put on a dress up and a cape then with her flower bouquet parade around singing. What's going on in her mind? Could it be that every princess movie ends with a wedding?
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A treasure

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wet rainy spring

We have had such a wet rainy spring that sometimes the feet get really cold. So Opa puts the heaters out and little girls warm up their toes. The Iris were fragrant and smelled wonderful.

Christy, Ellie, Bree, Zoe
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lots of fun in a short amount of time.

It seems like the months of May and June go so fast- there is so much going on. End of the school year, end of pre-school. Programs. Company and suddenly Eagle Fun Day has come and gone and it's the middle of June.
We finished up Oma's pre school. Stella will start first grade in the fall and Jake & Ellie will get to come every week. Carlee told Jake that he had to be potty trained to go to pre-school. That was great motivation. He's been a big boy since then.

June 7th. On our last day we went to the gym at church for some running and tag. (it was rainy so we couldn't go to the park) Aspen will be my big helper next year because she will be in afternoon kindergarten. And Jake will be the only boy.
We got to have Thelma visit for a week. Neil went to Patrick's Eagle Court of Honor - and when you go that far, you need to have a week to visit. We love having Thelma here. Bree cuddles up next to her and colors and shows her all the toys. I enjoyed taking her up to Cascade so she could play bridge. We had a good visit. Here we went to Emma and Aspen's BMX bike race. We had a good view and the weather was pleasant enough for us to stay til the last race ended.
School was out on Wednesday so on Friday (June 10th) Kristen called and said "the water is on at the park - the girls want to play" So we met at the park. It was still chilly. This feature has a bucket on top of a pole that spills water when it gets full enough. Emma and Aspen were the bravest, but Ellie stood with them- once. Zoe and Bree really didn't get wet - just splashed on. Ellie, Aspen and Emma were the water babes.

The play ground is great. I looked over and saw the little ones sitting on a bench and sent Emma over with the camera. She took some great photo's of Zoe, Aspen, Ellie and Bree
Love the tough girl faces. This was before the snow shack opened. We said no and got these faces again.

I love it that Emma tried some creative photography also.
McKayla got a package in the mail. She earned the money herself to buy her custom American Girl Doll. We are impressed. She saved for a very very long time.
And we got an over night visit from Jessi. Isn't she beautiful? She is due in September and this is her just over half way photo. Gil took her to the airport at 5:00 in the morning on the 11th. Special day because it's our anniversary and Eagle Fun Day. Happy Anniversary to us. Love having the family and friends get together to enjoy being together.
Little girls waiting for the action to start. Bree, Paisley, Aspen and Christy. Thanks to Carlee and Kurt we have a BYO meat and a side dish BBQ and party. We hope for warm sunny weather because the parade is dry for the first half and a huge water fight the second half.
Carlee's parents, Bruce and Pam were here visiting, they brought some motorized scooters - which were a huge huge hit. Stella, Hallie & Kenedee are checking one out.
Finally the parade started. The kids are all ready with their bags. The candy was sparse though, so those huge bags stayed mostly air.

We had to keep bringing the kids back from the middle of the road. Hannah did a good job going back and forth moving all the kids back towards the curb. Kristen says that next year we need to bring duct tape to make a "stand behind this line" line.
And some times the wait between parade entries were long. We had only one horse. One rodeo queen. This parade was mostly rolling advertizements. The band was an orthodontist's group. One float. Kind of sad. Every radio station sent their van into the parade. A huge sugar beet truck had an advertizement for hiring truck drivers on it's side.
Kurt helped get things ready for the "wild and wet" part. Tubs full of water so the kids (old and young) can re-fill their squirters.

Opa just puts hoses on every outside faucet and lets the kids go for it. Aspen is ready. She held her hose for so long that after the parade, her hand hurt.

Cash, Carter and Stella are ready- where's the rest of the parade?
And Carter remembered that the sidewalk makes a good place to hide when the water is flying.
Tyler was so excited he just squirted the pavement while waiting for the "go" Some day I will get a photo of the actual water fight. The poor guys who carry the banner in the parade are drenched over and over again. They were still smiling in front of us, but had over half the parade route to go.

And then it was over. Time to finish eating (Carlee made yummy key lime tarts and red white and blue cupcakes) We put every thing away, clean up the chairs and tables and it's over for another year. Want to come? You are invited.