Friday, January 21, 2011

More show and tell

We made the girls tulle & shinny skirts earlier in the year, so I made Aspen's baby a skirt to match. Then aspen wanted the baby to have the whole outfit, so I made the doll shirt, socks and headband. Aspen came from home wearing the matching headband, shirt and leggings. Adorable.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

car carrier

Carlee asked me to make Jake a car travel case. Jake carries cars around with him all the time - this blog has the original post.

I did tweak it a little bit. I added a handle so it could be carried a little easier by small hands. And I used outdoor clothing fabric- nylon for the out side and the inside. Rip-stop black for the track.

And I made the road into an oval. Some how, I just couldn't make a road that didn't go anywhere. It folds up just as easily.

If I were to ever do it again, I would put a tiny pleat in the pockets so that bigger (taller) cars would fit in the garage spots. Oh, and I painted the dotted lines and the numbers with a paint pen. Zoom on
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Birthday Skirt

Emma wanted a skirt that she could wear on her birthday in December. From the stash of fabric she picked out the fabric. Then her mom had some input. "Add tulle to the bottom and a white border" We had some of Jessi crocheted snowflakes to make it extra special. I even made a miniature skirt to match for Emma's doll. It's just as cute.
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ornament joy
I knew that I wanted to do a "baby Jesus" craft/ornament with the little girls in cousin pre-school so when I found the site (linked above) I knew I had my project.
They had a 3" grapevine wreath as a base and I couldn't find any locally (1/2 way through December) so I decided to make my own. My neighbor graciously let me trim her grape vines and I had the hardest time making the vines bend into wreaths. Could be the cold weather and time of year. Duh.

I even soaked them in the bath tub for HOURS in warm water. I got one wreath and a lot of little sticks. So I made do by taking some fine wire and weaving it around the sticks to make a little raft. The wire let me slightly curve the sides and I came up with a manger. It worked! :) I kind of like it better.
So this is Bree's ornament and how it looked on the tree (until she moved it to the back of the tree- for some reason all of the ornaments she has or likes wound up clustered in the back where she could play with them)
These were so easy to do we made extra and used them for neighbor gifts. The neighbor who gave us the vines got the only wreath one. She is extra special.
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Stuff we've made

Have you ever made something and given it away and then later when (if) you see it again, are AmaZeD that you actually created that work of art? And then wished for a photo. The next few blogs are dedicated to stuff that we've created and someday if we want to do it again, we'll have a record of it. The bags below are a mini- messenger bag. About the size of a lunch box, or scripture bag, or mini diaper bag. I've made several with different fabrics and styles. These are just the ones we took a photo of.

This one above, needed a special embellishment - so I sent a photo to Jessi (email is great) digital photos' rock. Then Jessi sent me some georgeous crocheted flowers of assorted colors and sizes. Wow.

finished bag above. I wish I had taken a photo of the camouflage nylon one I made. I gave it away. Also the black and white one with the big turquoise flower and the pink plaid with the kitty on it and the assorted others. Oh well. And the big school bag and lunch bag. It has been fun to create these fabric bags.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year

This year has gone incredibly fast. It just "blew" by. Christmas was calm and sweet and wonderful. New Year Celebration with family. Life is really sweet. Working on those inevitable goals. I think one will be to laugh more and enjoy the sweet little things that happen every day.
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