Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting back to normal?

So- for the last year, any project that I have done has been either necessary or because I committed to do it. The neurapathy in my fingers has made using them in the past few months not at all fun. For the first time in ages, I saw an idea in a catalog and thought- that's cute- I can do that- AND I DID IT! (and finished it) really simple- sticks, ribbon, photo's and string. Carter & McKayla decorated the jack-o-lanterns for me. The fun part was going through photos to find pictures of the grands in costume and fall scenes. Now we have a cute fall decoration.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September snapshots

Here are some random photo's just showing what a good time we are having at our house...
On any given day you will find a grandchild or two or three or more over here. Occasionally they all come at the same time. -And it is fun. This event was Carter's birthday party. All the kids are in the photo and NO ONE IS CRYING! Tucker (12) is a great sport and participated in the Super Hero theme and games. Then he got cleaned up and went to Stake Priesthood meeting with his dad (Uncles and Opa went too).
It's a big treat when Opa gives a ride around the yard and pasture. The more kids, the bigger the trailer.
Bree and Ellie teasing Opa and eating fruit. They were both sitting on the same stool. Ellie ate two plums while sitting there. She just reached out and started eating. Opa quickly took the pits away!
Playing in the ditch. Water - Mud - Dry. It doesn't matter. The ditch is always fascinating. Today it's Tyler and Aspen.
This photo is for Jessi - Zoe in her finery. She was very lady-like and lifted her skirts as she went in and out of the door.
Two very tired girls asleep in Oma-great's bed. We moved Aspen to the middle so Emma wouldn't fall out of bed.

And last but not least the two youngest. Jake and Ellie were sharing food and toys. I didn't have the camera out when Ellie offered her cracker to Jake and he reached out and took it. It reminded me of when their parents Kurt and Kim were that age. Sharing. Kim even managed to crawl into Kurt's high chair with him. (he had food left on his tray) Not possible with these chairs, but it does make a fond memory.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Greater Simpson Family Reunion

The greater Simpson reunion is always in Star Valley Wyo. and this year our family (Jim & Thelma decendants) were in charge. Marlynn did an incredible job on the food. We just got to help cook and clean up. Gordon was the entertainment, auctioneer and bingo master. Neil did kids activities, Gil set up the zip line and I got to visit and enjoy every minute.
Look who arrived late on Friday night- James feet were longer than the bed, but we were happy just to see Jessi and James smiling faces (when they got up).

Everyone pitches in to help.
even me. I didn't get any shells in the eggs either.
and the hugs and smiles were worth it! (Stacy)

Intermittant Springs

In Star Valley, close to where we were having a family reunion, Jessi and James heard of an easy hike (stroll) to a spring that turns it's self on and off on a regular basis- so we went to check it out. This is the trail head.
And the water tumbling down from the spring
And Gil and I checking out the source. Man made cover- they have pipes in the cave and use it as a source for some of the Afton water supply. This was when the flow had almost stopped. A few minuets later, the water was flowing over the rocks where Gil's feet are - and only the larger rocks were out of the water to use as stepping stones.
Jessi at the bottom where the two creeks join. My first and only hike this summer and I am thankful that I got to go!