Thursday, July 29, 2010

Whose kids are these?

What kind of grandparents let their kids play slip and slide in the mud?
We do.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The rebel within me

I didn't know I had such a rebellious streak until I signed up to do a "wellness challenge". It was a 3 month challenge, and I lasted one month. It wasn't even really hard - just ten things to do daily. Meaning every day (you can have one off day in each category and call it a 7)
1.Drink 48 oz of water. - I struggle with this one, but I have kept on guzzling water.
2.Exercise 45 min. - the reason I signed up, I know I need the exercise, I have to force my self
3.Eat 2 servings fruits, 2 servings vegies daily - not a problem esp. when I have tomato juice in the am.
4. No soda or alcohol. - easy peasy for me, I rarely drink a soda anyway.
5. No sweets. - another reason I signed on, True confession: I was eating way too many m&m's or chocolate chips(like 1/2 a bag in an evening)
6. No unhealthy snacks or fast food- not much of an issue for me. I can leave chips alone and we cut out fast food meals when the budget got tight.
7.No eating after 8 o'clock - This was hard at first, but got easier as the days went on
8.Read Daily - I read every day ( I figure reading scriptures/ensign/primary lesson a bonus)
9.Write in journal daily - one of those things I know I ought to do, but have never made a habit.
10.Goal of personal choice - mine was/is to get up earlier in the morning. 8:30 at the latest. This was hard at first because of the transition from insomnia nights I was going through.

All of this is good for me. Easy right? What's to rebel about? Every day writing down my points and submitting them. Ok for the month of June, but July has birthday's (you do get your birthday off, what about every birthday we have in the month?) Family reunions (oh such good food- if dessert is served with the meal does it count as a sweet? YES - late food - etc.) AND I DIDN'T MAGICALLY LOOSE 25 POUNDS OR CHANGE SIZES OR FIRM UP. I guess just walking isn't going to work that magic. And I don't like docking myself points - although I knew I wouldn't get a full 70 points. So I quit. I rebel. I won't. (at least i quit counting and sending the points in) I fail.
Meanwhile, I know I need to keep at this- and in today's evaluation find that I am really not doing so bad. I am drinking the water, reading, writing - not so much, but still a sentence is better than nothing. I have eaten sweets but in smaller amounts. I haven't binged. When we make a birthday treat, I haven't felt the need to snarf down extra portions. I am eating more fruits and vegetables and eating Gil's nuts for snacks. It isn't getting any easier to exercise, but 3 or 4 times a week is 3 or 4 times more than I did before. So I am giving myself permission to not "score" myself, but to keep on and improve. After all, those 35 lbs took 28 years to acquire, why do I expect to loose them in a month? AND BONUS: I have been sleeping much much better at night. Sleeping at night is fantastically wonderful.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Sorry about the sideways photo, but I want to share our treasure with you! This was after we picked a bowl full of ripe blue berries. Now we just get a palm full of ripe berry's each day. The kids think if they help pick, then they get to eat them all. :) I'll be sad when the last one is eaten- and maybe someday we'll have enough to truly share!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tie Dye

At our family reunions, we help the kids tie dye shirts. Years past, we've had a lot of fun, but the shirts tend to be pretty blah after the first wash. This year we tried dye applied in squirt bottles. The shirts were soaked in an ash solution first (to help the fabric absorb the dye) and then after the dye was squirted on, we let them sit overnight in a plastic bag. We got some incredible shirts- and the colors were popping cute. The kids love to do their own shirts and so each one is unique and beautiful. I think worth the extra time involved.

- By the way, that's a pipe-cleaner crown on Nacho that the girls are showing off. I think we'll do it again next year.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two on a fence.

Jake and Ellie discovered this fence- Do you know how hard it is to get both kids looking in the same place at the same time? I gave up, but I am sure glad I tried! Makes me think of how often we let fences block us. Wish I could share their belly laughs with you as they played.

Isn't it great, she's turning 8!

This little one, loves to draw, give flowers, try new adventures, ski, read, be part of the big kids group, sing, tease, play with her little brother and sisters, smile, help the teacher, learn, play, imagine etc.
Did I say she loves to craft and project and ...
look how she has grown into a poised beautiful girl.
Happy Birthday 8 year old, who has been looking forward to this birthday with anticipation all year long. She can't decide which is better- having tomorrow be her actual birthday or the fun of planning for it. I bet she doesn't get to sleep very easily. Happy Birthday McK

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ahhh the Birthday Girl

We are incredibly thankful for our sweet Jessica. Here she is on her birthday- after traveling for "ages" to be able to celebrate it with us. She is a favorite Aunt and when I think about how great she is, I get tears in my eyes.

She skis, rafts, crochets, knits, quilts, cooks, bakes, hikes, does spreadsheets, research and newsletters. She is a wonderful wife and loves her honey James. She is clever and sweet and smart and tenderhearted.
So talented. She always has a project or 5 going - and best of all, she takes my little thoughts and makes them happen. That's how we got our Nativity Book and Family Proclamation Book. And now my blog books. Wow. Jessi always has a smile on her face -even when times are tough. She is a peacemaker and a willing adventurer.

So Birthday Girl. We love you and are very grateful that you are you!

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for son-in-laws?

We want to acknowledge Clay's birthday with a tribute to him. He is a wonderful father.
He takes good care of our daughter and she loves him.
He is hard working, hard playing, very talented with very knowledgeable computer skills. He takes wonderful photo's, rides bikes, rafts, ski's, plays soccer, softball, takes his daughters on special dates and does a good job putting up with his in-laws. Happy Birthday Clay.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

We thought Mom might skip her own birthday pictures post. Maybe because she doesn't want to admit how FANTASTIC she is - she's humble like that. Or maybe because she stopped having birthdays already? July 6, 1952 - July 6, 2010 (58 years - not possible!). So we 'broke in' and posted one for her.

Kathy, Granddad and Grandma Price, Aunt Lynnette and Aunt Barbara - June 4, 2010 - A little family history/ family bonding adventure to Utah Cemeteries. Even when she can't sleep, Mom spends some of her free time doing genealogy and learning more about our very extended family.

Mom and Jessi - June 7, 2010 - Beus Canyon - Mom's always up for an adventure. Part of the fun is her fantastic attitude; even if things don't go as planned at least we're together and adventuring. She’s a great example of not complaining – side effects of her chemo experience include “tingle feet” and the resultant poor balance. But she’ll still go hiking and not say a word about it!

Aspen, Oma and Ellie - July 11, 2009 - in the bouncer at the Simpson Family Reunion - She's wonderfully organized. She plans meals for multitudes, activities for active small ones (have you tried tie-dye with 2 dozen kids!?), and always has time for hugs and individual attention.

Kathy and Gil – 1974 – Engagement Photo. So glad she found her sweetheart! She supports him in all their adventures, misses him when they’re apart and together make a terrific example of a long, happy marriage.

Opa, Stella, Oma, Bree and Christy – April 2, 2010 – Easter Extravaganza at Bogus Basin – Mom supports family traditions. The Great Christmas Tree Hunt, Family Ski Day at Bogus, Eagle Fun Days Parade BBQ, and The Christmas Eve Eve Sleepover at Oma’s are all big favorites.

Happy Birthday! We're so glad you're OUR Mom and Oma!

July Count down

July 1st was Jake's 2nd birthday. Wow time goes so fast- even when you are just turning 2. This sweet little guy loves his Opa- riding in the back pack, driving the power-wheels car, doing what ever the older kids are doing - or at least following them around.

Less than 24 hours old1st birthday
Resting with Opa on the 6th of July
All the boy cousins
Playing in the sand. Look how blond this cute little boy is. Happy Birthday Jake

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memorable but not expensive

For our anniversary this year, I expressed the desire to do something memorable but inexpensive and as a bonus, it could include grandchildren. My sweetheart came up with a really fun evening! He had Jed park Walter (motor-home) next to our motor-home in Kurt's pasture and invited all the grands to a sleep over.
The Girl's above, and the Boy's below. The 4 littlest got to sleep in their own beds- but spent the evening playing with everyone. They ran and ran and ran. Jumped in the astro-jump and played on the swing set.

There were almost enough marshmallow guns there for everyone. When I went out to take a photo- guess who was the target. Believe it or not, they actually hit me with marshmallows. I don't recommend saying: "Na Na Na Na Na Na you can't hit me?" again. Marshmallows actually sting. Who would have known. Tucker brought some sparklers and a couple of snakes and whizzbangs. His audience was rapt with attention- but most of the sparklers were duds. The kids had s'more's and played a run around in the dark game "Ghost in the Graveyard" until we made them settle down at 11:00.
The girls slept in Walter and the Boys in the other one. We had a great time, but on our anniversary night, we had Gil with the boys, and me with the girls. We made up for that later!

Good times.