Monday, August 20, 2012

These are my boys. I love it that they like to do fun things together.

Some times I wonder if their definition of fun is a little bit different than mine.
Sometimes I try not to think about what kind of fun they might be having.
But when they share their photo's and stories,
I am always amazed at what they are doing.
And that they live to tell about the fun they are having.

Duck Lake

 For our annual family back packing trip we had Jed's and Kim's families, Tyler and Gil & I.  Neil had recommended Duck Lake (just past Goose lake) as a good kids hike.  It was a great hike.
J Photo: DSCN0728

 Of course we had to take a few drink and snack breaks
 And pick a few flowers along the way

 And the lake was great for swimming and "mudding"
 Nacho was a great camp dog
 The food was great
 We had nice sitting logs
 A fort to play in
 Snacks with Opa
 Visiting and relaxing time
 played a couple of games
 built a teepee
 Did I mention we had lots to eat
 more playing in the fort
 a great kitchen rock
 more games
 frogs and polly wogs to catch - ask McKayla about leaches

 Ice cold drinks waiting for us at the end of the trail
And a visit to icecream alley when all was said and done.  McCalvy's Doty's and Kurt Simpson's - we thought of you and missed you.  Join us if you can next time.