Monday, August 20, 2012

Duck Lake

 For our annual family back packing trip we had Jed's and Kim's families, Tyler and Gil & I.  Neil had recommended Duck Lake (just past Goose lake) as a good kids hike.  It was a great hike.
J Photo: DSCN0728

 Of course we had to take a few drink and snack breaks
 And pick a few flowers along the way

 And the lake was great for swimming and "mudding"
 Nacho was a great camp dog
 The food was great
 We had nice sitting logs
 A fort to play in
 Snacks with Opa
 Visiting and relaxing time
 played a couple of games
 built a teepee
 Did I mention we had lots to eat
 more playing in the fort
 a great kitchen rock
 more games
 frogs and polly wogs to catch - ask McKayla about leaches

 Ice cold drinks waiting for us at the end of the trail
And a visit to icecream alley when all was said and done.  McCalvy's Doty's and Kurt Simpson's - we thought of you and missed you.  Join us if you can next time.

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James and Jessi McCalvy said...

Yay! Pictures of your adventures! Love all those cute kids. Glad you had a good time!