Friday, October 30, 2009

A Song in My Heart

So my latest favorite hymn in a long list of favorite hymns is How Firm a Foundation. It must be because I have come in contact with it a lot recently. At the Relief Society broadcast when they sang it with the congregation- I teared up especially on the 4th verse. If I knew how to put in links I would link you to the song. For the conference music menu, go to:,4945,8261-1-4988-1,00.html
Then we also sang it in conference and the kids have been learning it for their primary programs. It is so fun to have 7 and 5 year olds sing it with gusto. And of course, in our ward, they had the 11 year old boys and their fathers sing the song. It was tender to see these young men on the verge of becoming deacons singing with their dads. Maybe I just haven't paid attention before - It's written as though the Savior is talking to us. (to me)

In case you were wondering, some of my other favorite hymns include: Master The Tempest is Raging (we learned it in Sunday School when I was young-) The Lord's Prayer, The Lord is My Shepherd, O Devine Redeemer, How Great Thou Art, There Is Sunshine in My Soul, etc. etc. Now you know what songs to pick for my funeral.