Saturday, February 19, 2011


Oma Great is an extra special visitor. We got to have her visit for a couple of days this week. We all love her, but Bree has a special bond. Bree will spend hours talking to and coloring with Oma great.

On Thursday we went to Hannah's basketball game. Hannah made a couple of baskets and is an incredible team player. They played in a gym that has just a little bit of walking space around the court, so we got to be close to the action. Of course, Hannah's team won!

Then on Friday after school we went up to Bogus Basin. Thelma worked there for 16 years-formative years. She used to sell tickets in a little booth that was out in the flats (which used to be in a hole) There is a photo of her looking out of the ticket window. - So we had to drag her over to the current ticket window and take a picture.

Thelma said she didn't expect anything to be the same. It isn't. But it is good to see the growth and how much people are enjoying the area. Zoe and Ellie are with her.
The sunset as we walked back to the motor home was stunning. It was cold and beautiful.
And very cozy in the motor home. We were able to park it so she could see the "bunny hill" and the kids out the window. We had 16 of us in and out all evening - so she definitely wasn't bored. We are so glad to have our 94 year old Oma Great visit.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today and Yesterday

This is today at 4:30. Thunder hail and snow- beautiful snow! Below is yesterday morning. It got up to about 65 degrees yesterday, but was breezy. Yesterday the girls said it's almost spring. Today we say "it's still winter." I love Idaho weather!
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Say Cheese

I thought it was pretty cute to see Ellie, Bree, Christy and Jake sitting on the stairs - who knows what they were talking about but they were sure cute.
After the flash went off, Ellie looked up and said "Cheese" - so I took another photo.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

World traveler

Our nephew Dale has spent the last two years traveling all over. Easter Island, New Zealand, Cambodia, Tibet , India, China to name a few. We were lucky that he decided to spend a day looking for wheels and visited with us. Welcome home Dale. Here he is showing Tyler how to fold an oragami frog.
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Cousin fun

These cousins are all playing Simon says. Simon says smile :)
and here is Simon
Playing with slime and war
Hallie showing off her latest lost tooth.
Actually Jed had knee surgery on Friday so this was Saturday fun. We got to have all the girls and Jake. (If you are going to have cousins over, why not have them all?) We got to keep Hannah, Hallie, Stella and Zoe over night for Sunday- so this was a great weekend. -and Jed is doing really well.
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Hallie brought over a recipe for GAK or Slime or what-ever-it is. You know the slimy stuff that stretches and feels gooey and the kids love it. This is a simple recipe and made NO mEsS!
8 oz Elmers glue * food coloring * 1 tsp borax * water - This came from and had really clear directions.
1. Empty glue into bowl. Fill glue bottle with water (put lid back on) shake and empty rest of glue into bowl. Stir. Add drop or two of food coloring.
2. Measure 1/2 cup of warm water and stir in a teaspoon of borax powder. The borax is the secret ingredient that turns the glue into slime.
"While stirring the glue/water solution slowly add a little of the Borax solution. Immediately you'll feel the long strands of molecules starting to connect."
3. Abandon Spoon. Use your hands to mix the solution as you continue to add the borax water. Keep mixing until you get your slime the firmness you desire.
4. Store in a zip lock bag.
We used Elmer's school glue and didn't put in all the borax water. 3 girls each put a hand into the mixing bowl and mixed well. They loved making it and love playing with the gak.
My rule: ONLY AT THE KITCHEN TABLE - DO NOT PLAY WITH ON THE FURNITURE ! (based on a child leaving a glob of homemade slime on our piano -years ago- that ate the finish off that spot!)
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