Monday, October 27, 2008

Thankful for Hair

This post is for my sister Barbara. Proof that I am not an invalid sitting in my bed waiting for all my hair to turn completely gray. Actually I did miss my September hair appt, and as Kim predicted my out-growth of gray hair is completly obvious. So what- I still have hair! Someone I love e-mailed that they don't let you dye or perm your hair while in chemo - so before my appointment on Halloween, I need to double check that- then I can decide if I want to go short now, or just let the salt and pepper grow in- Of course, then I would have horizontal stripes of brown hair all around my head and that would look pretty unique too. In the meantime, I AM thankful for hair and eyelashes and eyebrows too!
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Photos

Since Jessi and James are moving to Utah in two weeks, we decided we had better get our family photo's current, especially since the last photo's were of Jessi's wedding TWO YEARS ago! I am so grateful for Kristen, Carlee, Kim, Jessi and Jed who figured out where when what to wear and got someone terrific to take the photo's. Site: Boise River in Eagle. Kurt took a bunch of candid photos and this one is of Tucker, Carter and Tyler throwing rocks. It was a beautiful evening with the leaves just turning yellow and a patient group working with 14 kids!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oldest and youngest

This is Gil's mom age (91) getting aquainted with Ellie Jane (1 month) the newest member of our family. Ellie is the 55th great grand child. We are really thankful for the oldest and the youngest members of our family and for the sweet times we have when we can get together.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Jessi/James Gang

Everyone who asks about our family speaks the truth when they say how lucky we are to have every one living close by. WE ARE SO BLESSED! However, our sweet Jessi and James have accepted jobs in Utah. I can't say they just accepted- Jessi was recruited to come back to Life Flight. They loved her and she loved working for life flight- so when an opportunity came that seemed to fit Jessi to a "T", the person who will be her immediate supervisor moved mountains to make sure Jessi could apply for the job. And Jessi was offered the job. Meanwhile James has been looking for full time employment, so while Jessi was training for the life flight job, he interviewed for a job he had applied for (this was more than coincidence when someone who could interview him was in the store on the day James was there checking it out. They interview on Wednesdays and this was a Monday.) He was offered a job also to start the same day Jessi starts at Life flight. Next my wonderful parents have generously offered them a place to live (and store their stuff) while they build up an apartment deposit and look for a place to live. So while I am truly sad to have Jessi and James move back to Utah, I can appreciate the tender mercies of the Lord to guide them into a situation that will be better for them. And as much as I know James' family would rather have them in Alaska, I am truly grateful that they will be only 5 hours away. Oh Jessi- we will miss you -and Mom must be doing the "Snoopy dance" to have her come back to Ogden.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i am thankful for

I am thankful for:) A husband who will get up and nurture a hurting wife, give her a blessing and take her to the emergency room to get help :) Medical doctors and nurses and technicians who not only know their stuff, but are kind and give warm blankets when you are cold :) A SiL and Daughter who will drop everything to be with me and wait for results from the tests :) for other daughters who take in each others children so I won't be alone, even though I am OUT like a LIGHT :) For Kristen holding my hand as I came out of anesthesia :) for Kurt and Kristen to be there when the Dr. comes to hear the results:) for my sweet grand children who give me hugs and loves and make wonderful cards and pictures for me :) For nurses and CNA's who did their best to make me comfortable and not hurt or throw-up as much :) That i can breathe :) For visitors who brought flowers and cards and sweet voices and love and prayers :) For daughters -and this includes Carlee and Maria who nurture me and see that I get enough rest and pain medicine :) That Jed was available to be there to talk to the Dr. when the pathology results came in :) For Kurt to sacrifice his computer so we could have it in the hospital room :) For chapstick and lotion -thanks Kristen :) For Flowers :) For phone calls & emails :) to be home:) to be able to be off pain meds :) for the morning I woke up feeling whole -I can't explain it- I still have the surgery to heal from, but i felt whole- I could roll to the side with out squinching in pain :) For my sweet family who nurture and take good care of me and are so understanding :) for my husband who helps me take care of the stinky bag and sees to my needs and wants :) and most especially for my Savior who I know has suffered worse than I ever will and who loves me and will help me endure what ever comes next. :) and for all the blessings I can't sit up straight enough to list at this time.